A major food brand positions itself for stronger sales and reputation by making its product portfolio healthier and its sourcing policies more sustainable. A leading apparel company measurably accelerates profitability and customer loyalty through a strategy that includes engaging social issues and reducing environmental impacts. A technology manufacturer seeking preferred vendor status with its most important customer, a $60B company, finds a novel way to stand out from its competitors as a responsible partner.

Our expert support helps FrameworkESG clients like these understand, address, and communicate about the specific emerging issues that pose the most financial risk and opportunity. And the leaders we work with are finding that their business fundamentals are strengthened, rather than compromised, when strategically aligned with monetizable goodwill, resource-efficient operations, and positive social impacts.

What sets FrameworkESG apart in doing this work? A unique perspective fueled by nearly 20 years of specialization. Integrated solutions that adapt to your specific needs and simplify the process. Attention to cultural fit in our collaborations. And a focus on always ensuring relevance to your specific business objectives and stakeholders. We also strive to keep our approach lean and affordable, and can generally begin providing valuable insights as soon as a few weeks of being engaged. Which makes us a high-return investment—especially compared to the high cost of standing still. 

To learn more about our work or request a complimentary consultation on your current needs and objectives, contact Victor Melendez, Managing Director & Chief Growth Officer.

Partnering with your executive team, we’ll customize a balanced and pragmatic journey that delivers the insights, implementation, measurement, and disclosure best suited to your unique business and stakeholder needs. 

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