Symantec releases tenth Corporate Responsibility Report


Cecily Joseph, VP of Corporate Responsibility at Symantec, spoke to TriplePundit last week about the company’s 2017 Corporate Responsibility report. As the article states, Joseph has led Symantec and the reporting community at large, “using quality sustainability reporting standards to drive sustainability programming now for 10 years running.” Framework has been proud to support Symantec on this journey every step of the way.

Featuring Joseph’s tips and highlights on best practices in reporting, the article makes for important reading for all CR professionals. We congratulate Symantec on this substantial milestone.

Read “Symantec’s Cecily Joseph Shares Lessons Learned from a Decade of CSR Reporting” in TriplePundit, Oct 24th 2017.

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FrameworkESG Staff

FrameworkESG Staff