Success story: Modernizing reporting


Client: Leading multinational beverage corporation

We began applying FrameworkESG’s SmartReportTM approach to this client’s sustainability reporting to streamline and strengthen the company’s technical disclosure and storytelling.

With our help, the company reduced its reporting from nearly 100 pages to fewer than 30 by focusing on material issues, highlighting key challenges and successes, and coordinating effectively with the company’s online platform. Among the benefits to the company:

  • Approval efficiency: “Evergreen” content, which changes little over time, is published online and easily revised as needed
  • Drafting efficiency: The much-shortened PDF report means that subject-matter experts can focus on telling new, compelling stories each year
  • Reader segmentation: Casual readers can either skim the PDF or read highlights online. Interested readers are guided to deeper discussions of management approach on the website
  • Interactivity: Online stories include relevant, “tweetable” messages, digital iconography, and ready-made opportunities to share major takeaways via social-media outlets


Victor Melendez
Managing Director & Chief Growth Officer

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