Success story: Logistics reporting


Client: Multinational transportation and logistics company

This client, under pressure from investors to provide greater transparency into its practices, approached FrameworkESG for help creating a sustainability disclosure platform and launching its first report.

Working in a compressed timeframe to meet commitments to investors, we:

  • Conducted the company’s first materiality analysis, which included engagement with the company’s stakeholders, leaders, and team members around the world.
  • Coordinated with its European unit to to ensure alignment and consistency with the systems and data involved in the company’s compliance with EU reporting mandates.
  • Created a seamless team that integrated our expertise and its SMEs and brand resources to create, approve, and publish their inaugural report in record time.
  • Provided essential guidance on managing material issues, catching up with more advanced peers, and addressing significant areas of controversy. We continue to be the company’s strategy and disclosure partner.
Victor Melendez
Managing Director & Chief Growth Officer

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