Success story: Industry-level custom materiality


Client: Trade association representing manufacturers and distributors of consumer and industrial products

This client asked FrameworkESG to design a custom materiality analysis for this industry due to our reputation as a leader in this work.

Our tailored methodology allowed our client to become one of the first industry organization to ever apply a materiality analysis at the industry level.

  • The approach we developed was based on mapping the industry’s value chain and identifying the most critical issues at each stage. This process ensured that the diverse range of companies in our client’s membership were represented in the analysis and data specific to their respective business needs could be incorporated.
  • Our client is now applying the findings to inform its strategic planning, including metrics selection, impact reduction initiatives, member engagement, resource prioritization, goal setting, and sustainability reporting. The results and detailed data were also presented to its member companies to inform their own strategic planning and materiality analyses
  • Our analysis included interviews, surveys, and a document review to determine the views of industry members. It also took into account the views of external stakeholder groups—such as consumers, investors, NGOs, and ratings and ranking organizations


Victor Melendez
Managing Director & Chief Growth Officer

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