MetLife releases 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report


MetLife issued its 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report, outlining progress made in during the year toward “Global Impact.”

The report discusses MetLife’s commitment to investing in communities, including growing its portfolio of impact investments—such as renewable energy, affordable housing, infrastructure, and municipal bonds—to more than $36 billion.

Other achievements include:

  • Obtaining listing on the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index (DJSI) for the first time
  • Winning a Climate Leadership Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency for excellence in greenhouse gas management (goal setting)
  • Several accolades for diversity efforts in its workforce, including having one of the most diverse boards of any company in the Fortune 500.

In addition, this year’s report is the first accounting of progress toward a set of Global Impact Goals set in 2015 relating to interactions with employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and the environment. MetLife plans to report on this progress every year.

Framework LLC developed the report and guided adherence to the GRI G4 Guidelines at the “Core” level.

The report comprises two documents—a high-level overview of priorities, and a comprehensive accounting of policies, performance, and approach to managing key issues. Find both at

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