Leveraging ESG issues as business drivers

Seeking to keep pace with change

FrameworkESG was approached by a major food company seeking to establish a comprehensive sustainability management and disclosure approach. The company recognized that expectations were changing in their industry and that it was falling behind peers who were developing more advanced initiatives in these areas.

Identifying sea-changes for the core business

FrameworkESG helped the company to identify its key risk and opportunity issues, which would come to inform the company’s product development, supply chain management, goals, and disclosure. In particular, our findings identified significantly disruptive supply chain and consumer-preference factors that in subsequent years would come to be high strategic priorities for the CEO as sourcing policies and product portfolios began changing significantly across their entire industry. 

Responding successfully to new imperatives​

Over the course of nearly a decade, our stakeholder engagement, materiality assessment, and advisory work supported the company as it established a formal sustainability management system that ultimately:

  • Protected the company’s reputation significantly through supply chain adjustments that minimized exposure to major risks
  • Helped demonstrate the need for changes to the product portfolio which are now central to the company’s growth strategy
  • Reduced its environmental impacts
  • Supported the launch of new social impact opportunities that leveraged its specialized expertise

FrameworkESG also helped our client to develop the proprietary branding for the company’s ESG program that allowed it to be better understood and embraced by its employees and other stakeholders. FrameworkESG also developed materials and guidance for the company’s sales representatives to inform its retail customers of the company’s practices on the issues of greatest concern to those customers, helping to protect essential business relationships.

Victor Melendez
Managing Director & Chief Growth Officer

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