Going interactive: Jabil moves their report online


In May 2018, Jabil launched its fifth annual  Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Report – presented for the first time this year in an easily accessible, digital format. In moving their report out of a PDF and onto the web, Jabil took advantage of the opportunity to add new interactive elements that better support the disclosure of key issues.

For example, to visually summarize Jabil’s labor agency management program in Asia, the SER Report includes an animated infographic that illustrates the complex process of hiring 30,000+ workers in as little as 30 days. The graphic also highlights the risk management steps Jabil is taking to ensure fair pay and benefits for all workers.

To highlight the launch of the company’s new web-based safety app, the SER Report includes an animated simulation of how the app is used and why it is effective. This window into one of Jabil’s safety management tools helps to bring the reader closer to the innovations that are making Jabil’s employees safer.

Framework LLC is pleased to have supported the development of Jabil’s 2017 SER Report, including helping guide the ideation process for its interactive elements. For more information about Jabil, please visit their Social and Environmental Responsibility web page. If you would like a review of your disclosure approach or are looking for a new partner as you prepare for your next sustainability report, please reach out to Christina Forst at

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