Happy holidays 2017 from Framework!


Dear Framework clients, partners, and friends:

Thank you for another year of collaboration in pursuing our shared goal of a more sustainable world! It’s a special privilege to get to do this work with you.

For this year’s annual handmade gift, Framework teamed with New Haven-based non-profit Sanctuary Kitchen to create a Syrian culinary treat for you: Syrian Petit Fours. We learned this recipe from Sanctuary Kitchen cook Fatema, a 25-year-old refugee from Syria who arrived in New Haven two years ago with her husband and son. Fatema loves cooking and introducing her new neighbors to Syrian food, and aspires to enter a health-related profession.

Framework is pleased to support Sanctuary Kitchen, a program of CitySeed developed in partnership with a team of community volunteers. The organization’s aim is to improve cultural understanding and appreciation while creating income opportunities for the cooks. They host cooking classes, food demonstration, and supper clubs led by refugee cooks from around the world, and also operate a program where cooks can receive additional support and culinary training.

We hope you enjoy these special cookies, have a very happy holiday season, and enter 2018 inspired to continue innovating and driving positive change and improved results for all stakeholders. The team and I look forward to continuing to support you in achieving your goals, next year and always.

Warmest season’s greetings,

Kate and the Framework team



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